Swimming and Hanging Out With Angelica

Mommy loved these photos taken at Angelica's house right before Chinese New Year when Max went over for swimming. Max's skin looked so fair and soft. He was looking directly into the camera and smiling alot. When Max showed up in his blue outfit, Angelica's mom said, "we have the exact same thing in pink!" so the babies were dressed alike and mom's camera started clicking. It was also the first time for Max to try to seat in a Bumbo Seat. We think he enjoyed the experience and mom can pop him in it and hopefully trap him for a good ten minutes. After we got to Angelica's house, mommies went out to Paragon to buy swimming gear for Max. The body suit plus the thermal suit together added up to $100 Sing. What a rip off! Mommy bought the ones that are good to wear until age of 1 and hopefully we can get our money's worth like that. This was the second time that Max went into the pool. The first time mommy didn't bring camera and Max didn't have proper swimming attire so he wore Angelica's pink outfit. This time we are prepared but he hated the neck float. We're not sure if it's too tight or what, but he started crying the minute we tried to put it on him, and was still crying when he was floating around in water. We took the neck float off and he was a bit more calm, but still had this pissed off look in his face. After wards, the helpers brought Max to have a bath, which he thoroughly enjoyed and was happily eating his hands afterward.

The recent turn of event is that mommy's helper is gone and the new one doesn't start for another 3 weeks. Since daddy is away in Vancouver watching the Winter Olympics, mommy doesn't have much help around the house. However, Max has been behaving (most of the time), and making mommy's life a little easier. Whenever he takes naps, mommy worked very swiftly to make sure the laundry is done, dishes are cleaned, lunch/dinner cooked and trash taken out. So the silver lining of the situation is that mommy is getting better at being mommy. Also, since Max hasn't been sleeping that well at night, mommy decided to push up the time he goes to bed and also try to loosely follow the Gina Ford schedule. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We just started and for the first 2 nights, Max has been sleeping longer stretches. However, last night, he was up every 2 hours and very cranky. We hope that sleeping through the night is become more of a regular occurrence!


Max Turns 4 Months Old!

Happy Birthday Max! Max went to the Dr. today to get his immunization shots! And even though it's only been a few days later from the last dr. visit, he weighs in at 6.2kg! Mommy is very happy and pleased about the weight. Dr. said that he's small for boys his age but since he had a low birth weight, he actually has a normal and good growth rate. Max cried very loud for a few minutes after he got the shot on his thigh but quickly fell asleep after crying. Poor baby! Today is also the first time we used the baby bjorn outward, so Max can see the world. His head is still a little wobbly so mommy supports his head. Again he behaved very well while mommy shopped for a new handbag after the Dr.'s visit and ran errands. People at the shop was very amused by Max because he smiled back at them, showing off his cute little dimples!


Sentosa Excursion!

Daddy and mommy took Max to Sentosa the weekend before CNY. One to avoid the crowd; two because daddy has never been there himself! With the new casino and Universal Studio opening in a few months, surely there will be lots and lots of people visiting. It was nice to walk around the area without walking bumper to bumper. It was a lovely day and even though there was a lot of construction going on, we can tell it's going to be a great place to visit on the weekend with Max in the future. Max behaved very well and was enjoying the sightseeing. A man was walking around taking photos of the place with a professional camera, and he aimed it at Max and took a picture of him. It made mommy proud because mommy thinks Max is very cute too. Mommy noticed that it's getting easier and more fun to take Max out. Most of the time, Max hangs out in his car seat and likes to look around. When he gets fussy, we pick him up and hold him. If he gets even fussier, we change diaper or fed him. We love the weekend when daddy can hang out with us and take us out. Max's smile in the photo says it all!


Gong Hsi Fa Tsai!

Happy Chinese Near Year Everyone!

Even though we only got 2 days off for CNY here in Singapore and daddy worked both days, it was a very festive and eventful new year holiday for Max. We had some activities planned everyday and Max met so many new friends! We took a lot of photos but just haven't had the time to post. As soon as all the out of town guests leave, we will download the photos and upload them here!

Here's 411 on Max - Yesterday Max went to the dr. because of an ear infection and eye infection. The eye infection condition has been on and off. We are not even sure if it is an infection. Just his left eye lid is red and a bit swollen at times. The ear was always kind of stinky and mommy started cleaning for him. A few days ago, there was a lot of wax and a bit of yellowish discharge. So we decided to pay dr. a visit. Dr gave us ear drop, eye drop and antibiotics to take. The ears and the eyes are better already. The other thing is Max's weight. Since he weighed close to 6kg a few weeks ago, mommy was hoping that Max would get to 6.2 or 6.3 by now. But Max's weight is still at 6kg. Ever since birth, he's been putting on almost 1kg per month. But this month, he's only gained 0.5kg. Dr said his growth and his weight is normal but mommy just want to see more meat on Max. It's okay, we'll catch up this month and make up the difference then!


More Photos from HK

We are posting photos from the HK trip! This was from a playgroup at Aunty Laimen's house. A lot of other babies came and Max was the youngest one. Surprisingly mommy didn't take too many photos of Max at the playgroup. It must be because we were distracted by the other cute babies.

Baby Max has been busy! We went swimming today for the second time. It didn't go too well. Max hated being in the pool. Not sure why because he quite enjoyed it the first time. More photos to follow later. We have been using the baby carrier. It makes mommy nervous because baby's neck is not very strong yet. We like the stroller better because once the baby falls asleep, it gets tiring carrying him around. Max has also tried the bumbo seat for the first time, and we think he likes it! Daddy will buy Max one when he goes back to Canada.


We have been BUSY!

Max met lots of new friends at dim sum

Baby Max ignoring all the delicious dim sum at lunch and fell sound asleep on daddy's shoulder

Visiting new mom Taylor, holding Baby Harper. Max is held by Aunt Edel!

Well, mommy has been busy to be exact. So less time to update the blog. Anyway, mommy decided that it was time to lose the baby weight and started hitting the gym and working out. But Baby Max has been doing very well on his own. He's been sleeping through the night! We'd put him down around 9:30-10:30pm, and he's been waking up at 4:30, 5am, and even once at 6am. Mommy couldn't be more thrilled about getting the extra hours of sleep but at the same time we also worry that he's not getting enough to eat. However, Max weighs an unofficial 6kg from the scale at home. So we believe he's still piling on the weight! Yeah, the more the merrier.

Now that we have a minute, let's post some photos from our HK trip!!