December December!

Wow it's December already. Max has been busy. We were in Taipei for Max's and Grandpa's birthday celebration, and after that, mommy and daddy went on holiday and Grandma Annie came to babysit. We're behind on lots of pictures but there're photos from a birthday party that Max went to. More photos to follow later!


Video for Max

This is the video mommy made to be played at Max's birthday party in Taipei. It was 7 minutes long but for some reason the computer can not save all. So it's been broken into 2 parts and only 4 minutes can be viewed. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday Max!

Max turned 1!!! We had a small celebration at home. Mommy baked a chocolate for max but he's too young to eat it. Our baby is all grown up now and he's not a baby anymore. He's a toddler now!


New Passport Photo!!

Here's Max's Taiwan passport photo!!! Doesn't Max look like a grown up little boy? Mommy remembers when we took Max to take passport photo for the first time when he was just 1 month old. It was a terrible experience. Max was deep asleep and we couldn't wake him up when we got to the photo place, so we had to pour a little cold water on his face. When he was finally woken up, he was very very angry and cried for a long time before the photographer snapped the less than satisfactory photo and we just called it a day. This time, Max can sit up on the chair, with a little assistance from mommy, and this was the first photo the photographer took. Even though mommy wanted to go for another one, the photographer was gushing over how cute Max looked, and how he looked straight at the camera. So mommy thought, alright, we'll give it a go. And from looking at this photo, mommy realized that Max has grown so much and is not her little baby anymore..,but then again, he always will be.


First Wedding

Max went to his first wedding in HK. He dressed very sharp for the event, but unfortunately, he didn't behave that well. Half way through the wedding ceremony, he was wiggling and swirling like a worm. Thank goodness there are lots of kids/babies at the wedding who were doing the same. All in all, it was a really fun day!


Playing With Michael and Eric Gege

Max is two years apart from Eric gege and Eric gege is two years apart from Michael. Mommy remembers visiting Aunty Bonnie when Eric was just a little baby. He knocked over Michael's neatly stacked together toys, and Michael says "ERIC!!!!" aggravatingly. And the same thing is happening again, except this time it's Max who's doing the damage.


Max Went to HK - the fourth time in Sept!

This is Max's fourth time to HK and he loves hanging out with his cousins and friends there. Whenever we check into a hotel, Max seems to enjoy his new crib, even the baby chair. The smile on his face is really cute. Max has a lot more friends in HK than Singapore. He loves playing with his older gege - Michael and Eric. He crawls wherever they are to be closer to them. He likes playing with his friend - Issac, Harper, Jordan and Ryan. This time, he met a new friend - Amelia - who shares the same birthday with mommy! She's such a cutie and it'd be awesome if we can meet up more frequently. Unfortunately, that won't happen because Amelia lives in Belgium!


Max at the Raffles Hotel

This was taken back in July when Grandma Vin was visiting us in Singapore and we went to the Raffles Hotel just have a look around. It was a very nice and breezy day and Max had fun just climbing up and down the rattan chair.


Max is 10 Months Old!!

Max is 10 months old today! And he's so active now, it really drains the energy out of mommy and aunty just playing with him. His favorite thing to do before was clapping his hands, now he just likes to grab on the mommy and try to get whatever is in her hand. As soon as mommy picks up a book, a toy, a piece of paper, Max will drop whatever he's doing and come at mommy with full speed, and wants to get a piece of it. Mommy is constantly getting harassed but loving it.

In terms of food for Max, we've cut down on his milk in take to about 21 ounces per day, still 4 feeds, and then 3 meals of solid food. His breakfast usually consist of rice cereal, with fruit, and toast. Lunch and dinner are porridge cooked with meats and veggie, or fish with veggie. Through out the day, we try to give him some fruits and snacks to munch on.

In terms of sleep, mommy decided that it's time that Max learn how to sleep by himself, we started sleep training about 1 week ago and it's gone very well. The first night he cried for about 40 minutes, the second nights, he cried for 20 minutes. And he slept all the way until 6 or 6:15pm. The third day, because mommy wasn't at home to execute it, the maid wasn't sure how to do it, so didn't go so well. Max woke up at 4:30am and cried for 1 hour. The next night, he cried for about 10 minutes, and slept through the night until 6am. Tonight, Max only cried for 5 minutes, which is great, because mommy was thinking how she hates listening to Max cry, even for 10 minutes and almost thought about giving up. But tonight is quite amazing, 5 minutes of some fuss and not-so-loud cries, and Max is sound asleep! What a wonderful present to mommy and daddy!


Long Time No See!

Hi Everybody. Max here. I know it's been a while since I've shown my face around here, but boy have I been busy. Grandma Vin Jan and Aunty Debbie was in town. I was very busy entertaining them. And then, mommy took me to HK to see all my friends. I had so much fun everyday. It's been hard to upload photos here because daddy broke mommy's computer. So it took mommy a while to get used to the new computer. But I'm sure she'll post more soon. I'm back in Singapore now and boy it's hot!


Baby Yoga

Max likes to practice his crawl everyday on the floor. Sometimes, after a good 10 minute practice, his head is covered in sweats. If the weather is really hot, there'll be sweats dripping down his face. What a good work out!


Max Learning How To Crawl

Max can't stop doing "downward dog" but he's improve quite a bite. He's able to crawl two to three steps before flopping on the floor again. Here's him practicing


In The Zone

Max having a quiet alone time with his toys. It's just him and his toys...

Max Having a Giggle at Home

His giggles are so infectious!


Happy Fourth of July!

Max's got World Cup Fever! well.. not really, just in this photo. The last time the World Cup was held. Daddy and mommy got married. Now we're a family of three. Maybe we'll be a family of four the next time World Cup comes around!


Max is 8 months old today!

Mommy almost forgot it's Max's 8 months old birthday because she's been busy running around and trying to find out why Max doesn't like to eat solid and doesn't like to drink milk now. These are photos from almost 2 months ago. Max is much bigger now but just these past few days, feels a little bit lighter. Maybe it was from the fever this weekend. Still, he's happy and in good spirit!


If I Were A Girl...

Hi everyone! We've gotten some complaints that this website is not updated often enough. Some people even questioned what mommy does everyday since she's at home with Max and not working. Well, let us reassure you that mommy is very busy everyday. Max keeps us all very busy. We are back in Singapore but all the photos from the Taipei trip haven't been downloaded to our computer. So we have no choice but to upload some photos from April. This is when mommy was at home with Max one day and clearing out his closet. We discovered this onesies and mommy thought it was lovely. However, the maid insisted that it was a baby girl outfit. Mommy insisted that we put it on Maxi to try. And the maid was right. It was a very girly outfit. But we often wondered what Max would look like if he was a girl. and now we know!


Ahhh Push It!

After Max started eating solids, his poop just got stinkier and stinkier! We also noticed that Max has been "pushing", while doing his business. His face would turn all red and his features all squeezed together like siao lun bao. We couldn't help but laughing but Max didn't think it was funny at all!


Grandma is funny!

Max loves to giggle and if you actually make an effort to make him laugh, it's not too hard. Here's an example of Grandma making funny noises and doing funny stuff, Max just thought it was the funniest thing!


Lunch with the Fam

It's been a while since our family has a new addition this young. So everyone is very excited to meet Max. Max was very cooperative during lunch. He slept when everyone was eating and woke up to be the after-lunch entertainment. Everyone commented on how much Max looks like daddy but mommy begs to differ.


Max Learning How To Crawl

After mastering the rolling over skill, the next one to conquer would be crawling. Max has been practicing in Taipei. Even though it's just a baby step forward, it still took a lot out of Max. Mommy wonders if we are going to miss the day when Max just stays put in one place.


Max Laughing at Aunty Iris!

We're not sure why Max found Aunty Iris to be so funny. But when we met up for afternoon tea, all Aunty Iris did was smiling at Max, and he would break into a giggle. Usually mommy and the helper have to work so hard for a smile or a laugh, but Aunty Iris did it so effortlessly. We wonder what Max saw in Iris that was so funny.

Max on the plane

This is the third time that Max went on a plane and even though Max is quite well behaved, there is one problem - he refuses to sleep on the bassinet - which means, we have to carry him the whole time. This could be a problem because there's no space or time for us to eat. After last flight from HK to Singapore, when Max knocked over a tray of food, mommy is very cautious not to eat and hold Max at the same time. Thank god we are not traveling alone on this trip, so mommy has the time to snap some more photos of Max on the plane.


Max Does Taipei!

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since we posted blog entries. It must be because we were very busy packing for Taipei. This week, Max took a flight with mommy and flew to Taipei. Mommy wanted to take Max back to visit friends and relatives but wanted to wait until Max is a little bit older and more fun to play with. We have been so busy since we got here. Everyday there are people to see and places to go. So far, Maxi has met lots of uncles, aunties, Grandpa Eddy, and Grandma Chen's neighbors. Even though mommy doesn't agree, but all the relatives said that Maxi is a mini-me of daddy. Whenever, Max would meet someone for the first time, he usually greets them with a smile. Everyone likes Max so much! Today, Maxi joined mommy and aunties for afternoon tea. Max was in a very good mood because he was smiling the whole time. He took a special liking to Aunty Iris, because everytime Aunty Iris smiled at Max, he would giggle like it was the funniest thing in the world. Aunty Iris said she wanted to take Max home, but mommy knows if she really took him home, it would be a whole different story.