Max's Friends

Max has re-acquainted himself with a lot of the friends that he's met before in HK. His friday afternoon playgroup's got Issac, Joshua, and Mikayla if she can wake up on time. Here're two videos of Max going a little bit nuts with Issac!

Look Who's Talking?

Max has grown so much since coming back to HK. Other than growing taller, his vocabulary just exploded. He remembers a lot of words that mommy and daddy taught him, and then there are some words, like "peacock", "umbrella", "ice cream" or... "windy", we're not sure where he heard it and picked it up. Here's a video of Max repeating words after mommy in the car!


Hello HK!

Yes, Hello HK! We moved into our new apt on Mid-Levels, just a block from where we used to live. Everything feels so familiar yet so strange becuz there are alot of new things here. Max has been having a lot of fun becuz Grandma Annie is here for 1 month to see him. She is always cooking very healthy and yummy food for Max. Mommy finds herself drooling over his food and stealing some when Max is not looking. Our new apt is about 400 sqft smaller than the old one. We wonder if Max notices the difference. So far the biggest downfall is that the new apt doesn't have much facilities so sometimes when Max gets restless and wants to go out, we're not sure where to take him. But Max won't be bored for long because next week he starts Socatats at the YWCA where he plays soccer with a group of boys/girls a little older than him! Also he will start summer playgroups. Mommy wonders how Max will adjust to new environment, new activities and new people.


Good Bye Singapore!

Finally, we've moved out of our home in Singapore. 152 boxes all gone and ready to go to HK, just like us. We will remember this house with fond memories because it is the house that we brought Max back to when he came home from the hospital. Max said good bye to all of his friends one by one. We're sure that we'll see them again in the future - when they're all big boys and girls. That'd be great if they can all play together again some day


Random Photos from Dec, Jan and Feb

Sometimes when you look at Maxmax, he looks like mommy, sometimes he looks like daddy. He definitely has mommy's eyes and lips, and daddy's nose, hands and feet. When Maxmax doesn't smile, he looks very serious. When he does smile, he looks so innocent and sweet. And look at how Max has grown since ... a few months ago!


Max Goes to Work with Dada

Way back six months ago, at Dada's work, it was "Bring Your Kid to Work Day". Max was allowed to visit Dada at work and sit at Dada's desk. Max met dada's colleagues, boss and everyone else he works with. It very cool to see where dada goes everyday when he heads out the door.


May May

Wow have we forgotten to post for the entire month of April? I guess so. Well we were very distracted by Max's accident in HK. Thank God that he's alright and recovering very nicely. We need to be more careful with him and keep him closer at an arm's length, especially when we're staying with friends.

Here're some photos of Max and his favorite gege, Michael and Eric, from the not so good trip in HK. See the big bandage around Max's toes. But the next time we're back there, we're STAYING FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Max and Pooh

Not poop, pooh. These are photos taken at home last Dec. Max trying to talk on the phone and playing with the Winnie the Pooh that Grandma Annie just bought him.


Hello? Dada, Is That You?

Max loves talking on the phone. He's been grabbing the phone and pretending to be on it since he was... maybe 10 months?! Max likes to listen to the person on the phone but he hasn't learned to respond and answer back. Here're two photos of him on the phone from last November.


Max's Vocab

Max has learned quite a lot of vocab now. His favorite words to say now are dada, mama, duh duh, "wawa" for dogs and water, "Rooaarrr" for tiger, "NgNg" for pigs, "Ahhhhh" for sheep, "Mou" for cat, "Moooo" for cow, "Ma Moon" for moon, "Nana" for banana, Uh Oh when he does something bad, "ball ball", "buble". Even know we already knows what he knows what to say, it still never gets old.


More Friends

The friends that Max wishes he sees more often are Ella and Elyse. You might remember them from last Dec and from when Max was a little baby. We used to visit their house and Ella loved entertaining and taking care of Max. Elyse is closer to Max in terms of age. Whenever she took toys away from Max, Ella would come and over and ask her to share. Aunty Carmen and Uncle John would be proud. Here are the pictures and videos from the end of a playdate. Taken at their playground and both chieh chieh taking turns to push Max on the swing. Max was a little nervous in the beginning but finally loosened up and enjoy the swing. He had a lot of fun that day and was very hesitant to leave.


Max and Friends: Part Deux

Here's another one of Max's bff - Elijah. We met Elijah when he was just over a month. Mommies were introduced on email by another mutual friend. They had just relocated from HK the same time we did and Elijah's about 3 months younger than Max. We love going over to Elijah's house to play because Elijah's got really nice and new toys. As the boys got older, there are more interactions - as oppose to when they were little, the interactions were limited to grabbing each other. Elijah's got such cute and huge eyes, and very long eyelashes. He's half Jewish and half Indian. These photos were taken at Elijah's 1st birthday party!


Max and Friends

Max has made a few good friends here in Singapore. One of them is Bethany. Mommy has noticed that he likes to show his affections towards his female friends by hugging them. Unfortunately this affection is not reciprocated sometimes. In this incident, Max goes from love to...frustration!


Max's video from Dec

These are two videos of Max from last December. One of him just babbling at home. The other one was taken when he was just learning to take baby steps. One day he was wobbling and the next day he was taking off. Amazing.


Calling Dada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max loves calling Dada, sometimes screaming at the top of his lungs. As if he doesn't scream loud, Dada won't hear him. He likes to call dada especially when he's being changed. Mama doesn't get the same treatment. Maybe it's because Max sees mommy alot everyday. Mommy gets a little bit jealous at times. Just a little bit.


Max's New Hairdo

Mommy has always wanted to shave Max's head. Supposedly it will grow back fuller and thicker. Regardless if it's just an urban myth or not, we need to give it a try because Max's hair is just very thin and fine. Maybe it should've been done earlier but better late than never. Max was a great sport. He sat on the chair and waited patiently for the barber to shave his head. He would whine a little from time to time but nothing that prevented the barber from doing his job. and then 5 minutes later, our little boy turned into the shaolin monk. The shaved head look doesn't bother Max. He's still running around, babbling and very happy.


Xmas Eve Dinner at the Tsai's

It seems like we're always spending the holidays with the Tsai's. We spent Xmas Eve at their house. In addition to fabulous food and yummy turkey dinner, there are tons of toys for boys and girls of all ages.


Max's First Visit to the Singapore Zoo

It was Max's first time to the zoo and he was excited! Not only does he gets to see the animals in real life, he also got to spend the day with lots of gege and chieh chieh, like Michael, Eric, Mia, Luke, Bethany, Isabella...etc. A total of 5 families went together and there were about 11 kids. The firs photo is from "Breakfast with the Animals" - where we ate breakfast at one of the restaurants and a little friend stopped by for a show-and-tell session. We also got to take photos up close! The photo turned out pretty good! What a fun day it was for the kids, but very tiring for mommies and daddies because it was very H.O.T! Max took a nice nap in the middle of the day and slept for quite a while. The most fun part for him had to be sitting on the bandwagon with Michael and Eric. Michael gege is very good with Max, always taking good care of him!


Isbella and Uncle Tommy's visit

Uncle Tommy and Isabella stayed with us for about 10 days in Dec. They arrived in mid-Dec and spent Xmas with us. We loved having them around. The house was always very busy and fun. We did watch a lot of cartoons too. Max watched Finding Nemo, the Lion King, and Alladin for the first time. And then he watched it for about 10 times later. Uncle Tommy is great with kids. He was very nice and took Mommy and Max out to lunch at the restaurant inside the Botanical Garden.